Our Team

Michael Bousamra II, MD

Dr. Bousamra is the Director of Thoracic Surgery at the Brown Cancer Center at the University of Louisville. Dr. Bousamra is responsible for the education of surgical residents and fellows as well as medical students on the service. His clinical interests include surgery for lung and esophageal cancer. Research endeavors have included high flow induced pulmonary hypertension, lung cancer metabolism, and tumor immune modulation through beta-glucan.

Dr. Bousamra has been involved in lung cancer screening through the analysis of breath carbonyls for the last four years. He has developed the method of analyzing a series of carbonyl compounds to establish the diagnosis of lung cancer versus benign disease states as published in Cancer Medicine in 2013 and The Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery in both 2014 and an additional article in 2015. He has also presented his findings at national meetings including the Society of Thoracic Surgeons in 2014 and the American Association for Thoracic Surgery in both 2014 and 2015.

Michael H. Nantz, Ph.D.

Dr. Nantz earned his Ph.D. in 1987 from Purdue University working in the field of natural product synthesis. He explored asymmetric synthesis as a postdoctoral researcher at M.I.T. In 1989, Dr. Nantz joined the faculty at the University of California, Davis where he focused on organic synthesis for the next seventeen years. He then joined the Chemistry Department at the University of Louisville in 2006 as Distinguished University Scholar.

Dr. Nantz has mentored 25 Ph.D. graduates, published over 120 research articles, obtained 13 US patents, and commercialized 2 reagents for DNA delivery. Dr. Nantz also has co-authored two intermediate-level textbooks on synthesis entitled Modern Organic Synthesis: An Introduction and Problems in Organic Synthesis. As Chairman of the Department of Chemistry at UofL, his current research interests are centered on developing aminooxy chemistry for analytical applications. In 2014, Dr. Nantz co-founded Breath Diagnostics.

Dr. Xiao-An (Sean) Fu, Ph.D.

Dr. Fu is an Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Louisville. He received his Ph.D. degree in Chemical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University. He was a researcher in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Case Western Reserve University before he joined the faculty of the University of Louisville in 2008. He was a key contributor to a number of research projects funded by DARPA and NASA including SiC MEMS and SiC JFET-based integrated circuits for high temperature applications. He invented a process for deposition of low stress polycrystalline SiC suitable as MEMS structure materials.

His current research interests include chemical micro sensors, micro reactors, breath analysis for development of a noninvasive diagnostic tool for detection of early lung cancer, trace gas detection, active tuberculosis and other pulmonary diseases, analysis of neurotransmitter, and advanced semiconductor thin films for integrated circuit and solar cell applications. He has published more than 60 papers in refereed journals and conference proceedings. He has authored three U.S. patents. Dr. Fu was a recipient of a visiting scholarship from the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Victor van Berkel, MD, Ph.D.

Dr. Berkel is an Assistant Professor of Surgery in the Department of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery at the University of Louisville. He received his MD, as well as a PhD in Immunology, from the Washington University School of Medicine in 2003. He then did his surgical residency at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, before returning to Washington University for his cardiothoracic surgery fellowship. He came to the University of Louisville in 2010 to be the director of the lung transplant program, and has subsequently developed a busy clinical practice focusing on thoracic malignancies. His current research interests include utilizing ex vivo lung perfusion to maximize lung transplant organ availability, as well as utilization of breath analysis to detect early stage lung cancer.

Dr. van Berkel has given 34 lectures, participated in three clinical trials, authored nineteen original journal articles, co-authored five chapters, presented two posters and given five academic presentations in the last five years.

Richard Rummel, CEO

Richard received his Bachelors in Science, Biology, from Hampden-Sydney College, Hampden-Sydney, Virginia, May 1982. He began his career in the medical device industry with Johnson & Johnson, Codman Surgical Instrument division in July, 1988 where he had a distinguished career. He was hired as a Neurosurgical Capital Equipment Sales Specialist with Elekta, Inc. in 1997 where he worked for one year.

In 1998, Richard founded Ohio Valley Surgical, Inc. as a manufacturer’s representative company that specializes in medical product sales. Ohio Valley Surgical won many top sales awards from Siemens, Codman Neurosurgical and MicroAire and continues to win awards as a division of AMT. OVSi, while independently successful, was merged into Advanced Medical Technologies, LLC in 2014. Ohio Valley currently represents companies in 25% of the United States.

From 2001-2004, Richard co-founded a second company, named Advanced Surgical Technologies, Inc. (AST), with the sole purpose of meeting the marketing needs of a large medical device company in both Kentucky and Ohio. AST successfully operated for three years and ceased operations when the medical device company it represented was acquired by another company.

In 2014, Richard co-founded Advanced Medical Technologies, LLC and then merged Ohio Valley into AMT. Richard has become a specialist in strategic market analysis and market development with particular attention to changes brought on by the affordable care act. With these and other skills and experience, Richard was hired to be the CEO of Breath Diagnostics, Inc. in April, 2015.